EQUIPT –  to access a new dimension of craft and retain passion for the traditional. 


First semester Master Creative Direction – Multidisciplinary design group-project



Within the era of Industry 4.0, we are witnessing a revolution on a global scale. The craft sector faces numerous challenges in the dynamic market, where innovation is required, but passion must not be lost. Our vision is to access a new dimension of craft and retain passion for the traditional. In order to achieve this, our objective was to create a smart tool for woodworkers that combines analogue and digital processes, streamlining tedious procedures while granting crafters full autonomy. Especially measuring processes as a challenging, yet vital part of carpentry, are not only labor-intensive and energy-consuming, but also extremely prone to error, consequently causing material waste. By seamlessly blending innovative technology into modern safety equipment, we created EQUIPT, a cutting-edge tool that acts as an ecosystem of smart Augmented Reality glasses and sensory gloves. The AR glasses capture accurate measurements of their surroundings with a single glance, effortlessly storing, accessing, and displaying essential data. The sensory gloves act as input for the glasses, allowing craftsmen to control the accessible and intuitive user interface via gestures. EQUIPT facilitates carpenters to pursue traditional woodworking while achieving maximum efficiency with ease, and most importantly, it offers a great deal of fun. 


The project took place in the context of the module “Multidisciplinary Design Project” at Pforzheim University during the winter semester 2022/23. The course was open to students of the following study programs: Product Development (M. Sc.), Creative Direction (M. A.), Design and Future Making (M. A.), Creative Communication and Brand Management (M. A.), and Industrial Design (B. A.).